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Enrolment Skippers are required to re-enrol at the beginning of each year and complete a new Athlete Registration Form annually prior to commencing skipping. No completed registration forms = No skippingSkippers are required to confirm their continuance at the end of each term by advising the Secretary. Skipping is a team sport so it is assumed that competitive skippers are committing to a full year of membership. Casual classes are not offered.
Payment of Fees Non-payment of fees by the designated due date may result in a skipper not being authorised to take part in training, performances, shows, events, competitions or other club activities.
Payment Plans For families that are facing financial difficulty we offer a payment plan option. Applications for this must be directed to the Treasurer or President.
Fair Play Vouchers CAM is registered as a participating club. If you hold a valid Fair Play voucher, this voucher can offset term fees.
Pick up/Drop off Children remain your responsibility at all times. Cleveland Air Magic will not be responsible for supervising children outside of their class times. All Skippers must adhere to the Dropping off and collecting of children policy.
Emergency Medical Assistance By joining Cleveland Air Magic, you authorise Cleveland Air Magic to obtain for your child any necessary emergency medical attention at your expense. By signing this document, you give Cleveland Air Magic permission to call an ambulance if coaches/committee deems it necessary and accept you will be notified in due course.
Medical History It is a skipper/family responsibility to ensure Cleveland Air Magic is informed of any pre-existing medical conditions and that all appropriate paperwork/medication is provided prior to commencing skipping.
Injury/Illness If a skipper misses more than 1 week of training, due to illness or injury, the skipper must produce a medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner which states that the skipper is recovered and can continue classes.
Training Uniform Skippers are to wear suitable sports clothes to training, ideally shorts and a t-shirt. Long hair should be tied back and jewellery should be removed. Skippers must always bring a water bottle and wear correct running shoes. Skippers should have the required ropes and are responsible for their own belongings at all times.
Competition Uniform No skipper will represent CAM without the full, correct, CAM approved uniform.
Training Sessions We respectfully ask that parents leave the shed and allow skippers to focus on their skipping.
Siblings Siblings not attending a class must be supervised at all times by a parent/carer and are not permitted into the CAM Shed if not booked into a class.
Mobile phones All phones are to be left in skipper’s bags or dropped into the Phone box at the beginning of training.
Access to facilities No access the CAM shed facilities before or after class for additional “training”. These facilities are only permitted for use during classes under the direction of a CAM coaching staff member or by pre-approval from committee.
Toilet Access Children are to be supervised at all times, by a CAM coaching staff member, when using the CAM toilet facilities. It is preferable that all skippers have been to the bathroom prior to arriving to their training sessions to avoid this interruption to classes.
Lost Property Families are advised not to bring any valuables to the CAM shed or other CAM activities. Please ensure all ropes/belongs are clearly named. Lost items will be placed in our lost property basket. Items are taken to good will at the end of each term. Any ropes left behind at the end of a training session will be placed in lost property, regardless of being named or not.
Photography and Video For privacy reasons, please discuss photography with CAM committee before taking photos/videos, parents/skippers are NOT to upload and CAM freestyle routines without coach/committee permission.
Performances Skippers agree that any payment received from performances, shows, events or other activities arranged through CAM or arising from any skipping affiliation associated with CAM will be allocated based on committee discretion and must adhere to the fundraising policy. All requests for coaching, advising, performances, shows or events will require approval from the committee of Cleveland Air Magic.
Volunteer As a small club, it is an expectation that all skipper parents will take an active role in volunteering for the benefit of the club. Every skipper is expected to provide 1 volunteer to assist in varying roles at all competitions plus additional requests for volunteers will be required for fundraising/performance events throughout the year.
Redlands Sporting Club Cleveland Air Magic has an affiliation with Redlands Sporting Club, all skipping families are automatically signed as members to Redlands Sporting Club.
Child Protection Cleveland Air Magic is committed to Safeguarding children and young people and has a range of policies and procedures to keep children and young people safe. It is Cleveland Air Magic’s obligation to report child safety concerns.