Cleveland Air Magic


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Cleveland Air Magic (CAM)

The club has been successfully operating in Cleveland from the “shed” at the Redlands showgrounds for over 20 years. We have countless World, National and State champions and are also passionate about growing the sport at the grassroots through our recreational program, Star Skippers. The club currently has approx. 20 skippers in our Star Skippers program and approx. 45 competition skippers ranging in age from 7 – 30 years old. Skippers who show potential will be invited to trial to transition from the Star Skipping Recreation program to the Cleveland Air Magic Competition Team.

Training, Competitions & Performances

Our coaches aim to work closely with skippers individually and the timetable will be set for skippers to work in their respective age groups with a focus on skill development and techniques involved in all aspects of competitive rope skipping. The competition skippers are always working towards upcoming competitions and establishing team selections and teaching new competition routines.

Annually, competition skippers have the opportunity to compete at the State championships, generally a 2-day competition held in Brisbane and a National competition, usually a 3-4 day competition that is rotated between Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Canberra. 2022 National competition is to be held in Darwin for the first time. The expectation would be that all competition skippers attend both events annually. Registration fees apply to attend both events and are invoiced accordingly. Often there is other smaller regional competitions scheduled throughout the year along with smaller club events that skippers have the opportunity to participate in, these are generally a more relaxed and fun competition event.

As a club our competitive skippers are often requested to perform at various events, past events include – Commonwealth games, Tv show appearances, Netball Series Half time entertainment, The Ekka and various Redlands Showgrounds events. This is an exciting opportunity that our skippers love to perform in and is an important way to help the club spread our love of the sport of jump rope and grow and encourage new membership to the club.


CAM competition skippers are expected to train at least 2 afternoons a week each term (approx. 1.5hrs each session). This may increase to 3 afternoon a week leading up to competitions or performances and may include early morning and/or weekend training sessions. The timetable is released at the end of each Term but does depend on availability of our coaches and available shed space. We cannot guarantee the same training days or times from term to term. As the sport is both individual and team based, our training sessions are compulsory. Our training sessions are closed sessions, we request that parents drop off/pick up only and do not stay and watch any sessions. This rule is in line with our club’s COVID19 policy also.


Cleveland Air Magic is extremely fortunate to have some of the most experienced and highly decorated skippers in the world as our coaches. We are honoured and privileged to have them and the club is actively working towards training the next generation of coaches to ensure the club continues to prosper in the future. Carolyn Barker is the Head coach of the entire club, supported by Senior coaches – Nicole Brown, Luke Boon, Ben Cooper and Belle Charlesworth. They are supported by Emma Jackson, Naomi Tucker, Makella Hoad and our current junior coaches Jemma Bihari, Chloe Mol, Gabrielle Mol, Ava Huston, Lily Crank. Jo-Lene Crank is the current Star Skipper coaching co-ordinator.


Term fees are essential in supplying quality training for our skippers and are set by the CAM Executive Committee. We try to keep fees as low as possible for families being a community based not for profit organisation. Our fees cover hall hire, associated shed cost and payroll expenses inc. coaching wages, superannuation, workers compensation and insurance. Term fees are billed at the start of each term and families are given 14 days for payment to be made in full.

We do also have a $15.00 registration fee to be paid when joining the club and then following on annually at the beginning of each calendar year. This registration includes a CAM club administration fee and annual membership to Redlands Sporting Club at Wellington Point.

All competition entry fees and Skipping Australia registrations and insurance will be invoiced via CAM when required. We do accept government issued Fair Play Vouchers for those families that do qualify.

Current Cleveland Air Magic Competition Skipping fee schedule:

Hourly Rate Amount
Over 5.5 $10.50
Over 4 to 5.5 hours Inc $11.50
Over 3 to 4 hours Inc $13.00
3 hours & Under $15.00

Gymnastics / Strength

Our competition skippers also often utilise Acrobatic Gymnastics which coaches recommend as essential for the acrobatic freestyle events. In the past the club has initiated a number of gymnastics options these are in addition to CAM skipping fees and are optional but recommended. We are currently partnering with Redlands Gymnastics (also located at Redlands Showgrounds). We are currently also utilising a Personal Trainer focusing on strength and core fitness as an optional extra session


All communication is requested to be sent via email to the secretary- Please remember as volunteers we do not always check emails every day so, please be patient when waiting for a response. Our volunteers are the backbone of the club and do their best to juggle their club commitments with busy work/family lives. The club also utilises Team App which is a handy resource for all up-to-date timetables, coaches/skipper contact lists, club policies and reminders. It is a requirement for all competition parents to download this important App.


There is an expectation of all competition skipping families to become involved and to volunteer within the club at various times throughout the year. The club will generally hold a min. of one working bee per term to clean and maintain our shed facility. The club also actively participates in various fundraising opportunities through the year and we are often requested to be involved in events at the Cleveland Showgrounds, volunteers will be called for to ensure the success of these events. This is an important part of the social culture of our club and we encourage all families to get involved, we always have fun!

It is also compulsory that every skipper provides a parent helper at every competition. The volunteer jobs vary from marshalling, judging, counting, data etc – unfortunately, the competitions and the club cannot function without every skipping family committing to being involved and lending a hand. We are very pro-active in encouraging and training our volunteer helpers to try and learn a new skill and would encourage you to give it a try.